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A Story to Discover in Every Bottle


Their story began when two individuals, who were inspired by their surroundings and each other, decided to embark on a journey towards their shared vision: crafting and distributing expertly made spirits that captured the essence of their locale and reflected their daring culinary skills. Jason and Alayne MacIsaac initiated this venture by constructing their first distillery from the ground up in the comfort of their own home in Shirley, B.C. The small town, formerly known as Sheringham, is located in Southern Vancouver Island and served as the perfect starting point for their humble beginnings.

The inspiration behind the glass bottles used today can be traced back to local history, specifically the prohibition era. Jason stumbled upon old moonshine bottles near a historical still site, and this discovery influenced the design of the current bottles. Each bottle bears our signature sailboat, reminiscent of the “Favorite,” a schooner that was a familiar sight in the untamed Salish Sea. As the Sheringham brand continues to expand, they remain committed to their West Coast origins and culinary narrative, allowing people worldwide to experience a small piece of their idyllic paradise.

Kazuki Gin

Sea Side Gin

Pacific Vodka

Lemon Liqueur Gin

Coffee Liqueur

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